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Event Date: 25th September 2013

Emergency Services Show

I'm going to be at the ESS on the 25th and 26th September, 2013 on the Class Professional Publishing stand (C14). Why not swing by and say hello, and have a look at Standby CPD and the new UK 7th edition of Emergency Care in the Streets?

RESPECT pilot study

I have uploaded the abstract from my dissertation for those who are interested in seeing the findings. The dissertation is 13,857 words and the abstract is 300...definitely edited highlights! I will publish the entire MSc dissertation at a later date.

RESPECT pilot study abstract

The Recognition of STEMI by Paramedics and the Effect of Computer inTerpretation (RESPECT) study

ECG image
As well as running this website, I am also undertaking a Master's degree in clinical research. I need your help in completing a web-based ECG quiz for my dissertation.

The Recognition of STEMI by Paramedics and the Effect of Computer inTerpretation study, is attempting to uncover what effect the diagnostic messages on 12-lead ECGs have on your decision making, particularly in respect of the identification of STEMI.

If you are a HCPC registered paramedic and NOT working for Yorkshire Ambulance Service (they get their very own study later in the year), I'd be grateful if you could head on over to:

Standby CPD: Autonomic Dysreflexia - dying for a wee?

An unfortunate crush injury has occurred, involving a 50-year-old male and a bath chair. It's left your male colleague feeling queasy and your patient dangerously ill!

This issue reviews autonomic dysreflexia, a common condition in patients with high spinal cord injuries, which if not recognised and treated, can be fatal.

Visit to find out more.

Standby CPD: Croup - barking up the bronchial tree!

It's a cold winter's night and you are working with a smart-phone toting, Facebook-updating, colleague. All the regular diseases are making an appearance, including croup.

This issue describes the important differences between the child and adult airway, how to recognise croup from a range of differential diagnoses, gauge its severity and implement an appropriate management plan.

Visit to find out more.

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